Heterogeneously Integrated Vapor–Liquid–Solid Grown Silicon Probes/(111) and Silicon MOSFETs/(100)

Akihiro Okugawa, Kotaro Mayumi, Akihito Ikedo, Makoto Ishida, Takeshi Kawano
2011 IEEE Electron Device Letters  
In this letter, we report the heterogeneous integration of vertically aligned silicon (Si) microprobe arrays/(111) with MOSFET circuits/(100) by IC processes and subsequent selective vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth of Si. A hybrid Si-on-insulator (SOI) substrate with different species of Si layers, e.g., a (100)-top-Si/buried oxide/(111)-handle-Si system, was utilized for the heterogeneous integration technique. MOSFETs were fabricated on (100) top Si, and vertical VLS probes were synthesized
more » ... the selectively exposed (111) handle Si. The different Si layers of the MOSFETs and probes were electrically connected by a 3-D metallization technique. In addition, the electrical properties of 3-D metallization and the MOSFETs were investigated. The results indicate potential for heterogeneous integration of VLS probes/(111) and MOSFETs/(100), promising further integrations of numerous microdevices/different species of substrates and CMOS/(100), including fully depleted SOI-CMOS for high-performance electronics, on the same chip. Index Terms-Heterogeneous integration, MOSFETs, siliconon-insulator (SOI) substrate, vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth.
doi:10.1109/led.2011.2120590 fatcat:ir3jwms3o5f3fpb76cmymrcvsm