Reviews and Notices

1874 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
THE BRlITSR MEDICAL 7OURNAL. 495 very int at the time of making this note. There was still a prominencein the left hypochondriac rion. The conjunctivse were a little yellow. The urine contained no bile. June 3rd. He slept through the night, and felt decidedly better this morning. He sat up for an hour yesterday. Juntli.4th. He was ordered a mixture contaiiiina gmin and a half of qui.-Ane, to be taken thrice daily. b jure 17th. The upper part of the abdomen was still much enlarged, almost as
more » ... so as before the tapping. The enlargement was most marked in the left hypochondriac region. Ihis appetite was fairly good; his bowels regular. He had no thirst. Tongue furred and somewhat dry. The urine was of specific gravity 101 7, neutral, and contained no albumen. June rgth. The urine contained a trace of albumen. On June 24th, the urine was again free from albumen. June 27th. Twenty-four ounces of fluid were withdrawn from the tumour. The fluid was neutral, its specific gravity I005; it contained no albumen, but much sodium-chloride. June 29th. The urine contained a trace of albumen. July 4th. The patient had a somewhat anxious expression, and complained of feeling very weak. (It should be mentione(d that he was a very nervous man.) Pulse I40. There was no pain in the abdomen. He took his food moderately well. Tongue clean and moist. July 6th. The urinie was still albuminous. The girth of the abdomen was 40 inches at a point midway between the umbilicus and the lower end of the sternum. The tumour had much increased in size during the last few days, and felt softer. It was still much more prominent in the left hypochondriac region; and here it was much more elastic than it was some weeks back, or before the first tapping. At 10.30 A.M., Dr. Humphry introduced a small trocar, and purulent
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.720.495 fatcat:rhxvcpgg7vgivnlv2fjpsrpuxm