Case Study : Translation Techniques for Puns in Game Localization Processes
게임 현지화 작업에서의 언어유희 표현 번역 사례

Taejung Park
2013 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
It is a necessity to localize various elements when one tries to introduce any games developed from foreign cultures and languages. This whole process is called "localization (l10n)" which inevitably includes translation tasks. In this process, one should convert multiple unique elements into the required cultural and linguistic environments. This paper provides actual localization cases of "puns" appear in an adventure game, which is especially difficult; also it presents several typical types
more » ... veral typical types of translations for the puns that professional translators try. By this observation, this paper discusses some characteristics of game, as a medium, which are different from those of traditional media and proper approaches to translate "puns." ■ keyword :|Translation|Localization|Adventure Games|Puns|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2013.13.11.571 fatcat:imkqtt7gn5dkzbbx5tyqhby2v4