Ol'ga Viktorovna Nedil'ko, Aleftina Vladimirovna Yanitskaya
2020 chemistry of plant raw material  
The purpose of the research was a comparative study of the amino acid composition and the quantitative content of individual amino acids in the over-ground and underground parts of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (Fabaceae) growing in the Volgograd region. Previously, using the reaction with ninhydrin, as well as carrying out TLC on the plates «Silufol», the presence of amino acids in watery extracts from the samples of vegetable raw materials was established. On an AAA 400 amino acid analyzer in the
more » ... rground and over-ground parts of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. 16 amino acids were identified, 9 of which are interchangeable and 7 are irreplaceable, their quantitative content and accumulation characteristics were established. The total amount of amino acids found in the over-ground parts of the medicinal plant is higher (15.88%) than in the underground organs – 8.42%. Of the individual amino acids, glutamic acid (1.84±0.02%), aspartic acid (1.74±0.02%), arginine (1.03±0.01%), leucine (1.41±0.01%), lysine (1.02±0.01), valine (0.92±0.01%), phenylalanine (0.86±0.01%), isoleucine (0.76±0.01%), threonine (0.77±0.01%) was detected. In the underground organs of the studied plant, aspartic (1.17±0.02%) and glutamic (0.62±0.01%) acids predominantly accumulate, but in percentage they are 1.5–3 times less than the over-ground parts. Separately, it should be noted a feature of the accumulation of proline, which is one of the dominant amino acids in the over-ground and underground parts of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (1.49±0.02% and 1.87±0.02%, respectively). Obtained in the course of the research data indicate the prospects for further study of the over-ground parts of the medicinal as a source of this group of biologically active substances.
doi:10.14258/jcprm.2020014678 fatcat:lteoicvwznbi7d5ub6z2zwe2la