Development of Closed Porous Microcellular Products from Perlite

A. Peppas, M. Taxiarchou, E. Koffa, T. Karalis, A. Amanatidis
2006 Zenodo  
Perlite is a naturally occurring siliceous rock, which can be expanded from four to twenty times its original volume when heated at a temperature close to its softening point. The expanded perlite is characterized by increased sound and thermal insulating properties. However, the conventionally expanded perlite products have high porosity and low mechanical properties that limit the range of their applications in the construction and chemical industry. The present work aims at the development
more » ... t the development of new closed porous microcellular material from perlite with enhanced mechanical and physical properties to be applied in new applications, like joint compounds, functional fillers for special paint types, special blasters and mortars, artificial marble. For the production of these new materials a vertical electrically heated furnace with six different heating zones and controlled gradient temperature profile was used. The effect of major process parameters, like temperature and air flow, on the quality of the produced materials was studied using Greek perlite from Milos Island. The quality of the new products was evaluated in terms of their bulk density, compression strength, water and oil absorption, surface area and pore volume. The experimental results show that the produced materials are characterised by improved mechanical and physical properties compared to the conventionally expanded perlite products.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4319825 fatcat:ba6vpr5tmnc2zg73ex3supxf5a