Mass-dependence of self-diffusion coefficients in disparate-mass binary fluid mixtures

Binas, Mryglod
2009 Condensed Matter Physics  
Self-diffusion coefficients of a binary fluid mixture with components differing only in their particle masses are studied, in particular the case when mass ratio µ of light and heavy particles tends to zero. These coefficients were calculated within the memory function formalism, using the systematic subsequence of approximations for the relaxation times of velocity autocorrelation function. We obtained a general relation for the self-diffusion coefficients which show polynomial dependence on
more » ... ial dependence on the mass ratio µ. The obtained expression has a correct Brownian limit. We developed the hierarchy of approximations for the self-diffusion coefficients that tends to an exact result from above and below when the order of approximations increases.
doi:10.5488/cmp.12.4.647 fatcat:tnqjiblpgfa3hkex6n3jpwomrm