Paramuzoa (Nyctiborinae), a New Cockroach Genus Previously Confused With Parasphaeria (Epilamprinae)

Louis M. Roth
1973 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
Kirby (1904, p. 194) placed Parasphaeria Brunner in the Perisphaeriinae, probably because Brunner ( I 865 ) stated that the genus was near Perisphaeria Burm. Princis (1964) placed the genus in the Perisphaeriidae. While studying the male genitalia of genera which Princis assigned to the Perisphaeriidae, I found the phallo-Paramuzoa, n. gen. Type species : Blatta linearis Serville (present designation) Paramuzoa appears to be close to Muzoa Hebard, having s p --*Manuscript received by the editor
more » ... October 2, 1973 [September (Brazil). 2. Head Brazil). 4. Left side :ral incision (arrow) resulting in a tegmenlike lobe. 5. Supra-anal plate and cerci (dorsal) of 9. (Figs. 4 and 5 from female shown in Fig. 3. (Both adults from Brunner's collection at the Natural History Museum, Vienna; scale: figs. 1, 3 = 5 mm, figs. 2, 4-5 = 1 mm).
doi:10.1155/1973/63172 fatcat:2u4l6j3klvhvlp7y3rmakgbj7a