Comparative Study of Demolition Methods

Arathy Menon, Geetha Jayaraj
Demolition is defined as the process of destroying down or collapsing down of large buildings after its useful life. The demolition of concrete is common in most of the renovation and rehabilitation projects in the construction industry. For smaller structures, it is a simple process with lighter equipment and for larger structures, it may require the use of equipment, machineries, and explosives or with manual techniques without affecting the surrounding. In some projects, it may be required
more » ... t may be required to confine the demolition to a small portion of the structure or to a shallow depth on a concrete member. Implosion is the method of demolition using explosives. The use of traditional demolition methods may not be feasible or may be required special precautions and procedures. A soundless chemical demolition agent (SCDA) is used for performing controlled concrete demolition on a small scale. This paper describes a comparative study on different methods of demolition and where they can be implemented.