Correlation of fitness landscapes from three orthologous TIM barrels originates from sequence and structure constraints

Yvonne H. Chan, Sergey V. Venev, Konstantin B. Zeldovich, C. Robert Matthews
2017 Nature Communications  
Sequence divergence of orthologous proteins enables adaptation to environmental stresses and promotes evolution of novel functions. Limits on evolution imposed by constraints on sequence and structure were explored using a model TIM barrel protein, indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase (IGPS). Fitness effects of point mutations in three phylogenetically divergent IGPS proteins during adaptation to temperature stress were probed by auxotrophic complementation of yeast with prokaryotic,
more » ... c IGPS. Analysis of beneficial mutations pointed to an unexpected, long-range allosteric pathway towards the active site of the protein. Significant correlations between the fitness landscapes of distant orthologues implicate both sequence and structure as primary forces in defining the TIM barrel fitness landscape and suggest that fitness landscapes can be translocated in sequence space. Exploration of fitness landscapes in the context of a protein fold provides a strategy for elucidating the sequence-structure-fitness relationships in other common motifs.
doi:10.1038/ncomms14614 pmid:28262665 pmcid:PMC5343507 fatcat:jeymkk2ezjb2lnuemdzlgeda6q