Teknik Dan Finansial Budidaya Rumput Laut (Eucheuma Cottonii) Dengan Metode Jalur Di Kelompok Tani Mitra Bahari Desa Tanjung Pademawu Pamekasan Madura

Ramarsa Hidayatulbaroroh
2020 Jurnal Ilmiah Vastuwidya  
There is many variety of seaweed in Indonesia. Among them there's a lot of seaweed with high economic value. One of a kind with high value and high demand from around the world is Eucheuma cottonii or Kappaphycus alvarezii. Eucheuma cottonii contains high karaginan which is imprortant for human health. Seaweed has a lot of benefit for food or others, so that we has to improve our knowledge about seaweed especially Eucheuma cottonii.From the research at KUB Mitra Bahari, their location too
more » ... location too produce seaweed is not a perfect place such as their water quality, temperature, and salinity. This factor caused their seaweed growth less than 3%. Beside that, there is a predator like Baronang fish and a disease that attack the seaweed such as ice-ice. From financial analiysis, their income is Rp 275.625.595,00, with profit and loss ratio Rp 62.852.382,00. B/C ratio is 1,3 and BEP Rp 7.290/kgs. And their payback period is 2 years 1 month and 6 days. Their RoI are 40%
doi:10.47532/jiv.v2i2.93 fatcat:fkx7c52x4feirpk7zkutmaxhpu