Global Wilson–Fisher fixed points

Andreas Jüttner, Daniel F. Litim, Edouard Marchais
2017 Nuclear Physics B  
The Wilson-Fisher fixed point with O(N) universality in three dimensions is studied using the renormalisation group. It is shown how a combination of analytical and numerical techniques determine global fixed point solutions to leading order in the derivative expansion for real or purely imaginary fields with moderate numerical effort. Universal and non-universal quantitites such as scaling exponents and mass ratios are computed, for all N, together with local fixed point coordinates, radii of
more » ... rdinates, radii of convergence, and parameters which control the asymptotic behaviour of the effective action. We also explain when and why finite-N results do not converge pointwise towards the exact infinite-N limit. In the regime of purely imaginary fields, a new link between singularities of fixed point effective actions and singularities of their counterparts by Polchinski are established. Implications for other theories are indicated.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2017.06.010 fatcat:dvstwa2jlfgsxaqvzq6guu6vdu