Study on reasonable nozzle size after volumetric fracturing of glutenite reservoir

Shi Le, Li Ruochen, Luo Gan, Gu Li Za Dan-Mao Lahong, Li Bin, Chen Jing, Li Yi, V. Yepes, W. Qin, L. Wang
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
What kind of drainage system should be adopted after the volumetric fracturing of the glutenite reservoir in the Mahu 1 well area, lack of systematic research. The reasonable choice of the size of the nozzle is the key to determining the flow back of the fracturing fluid and stable production. By comparing the applicability differences of fracturing and drainage systems at home and abroad, this paper analyzes the production experience of neighboring areas and determines the overall principles
more » ... verall principles of drainage system: small displacement principle, stable drainage principle and step-by-step amplification principle. Then, by calculating the rate of change of oil production, analyzing the system well test curve and production curve, and determining a reasonable drainage system, it is concluded that the volume of the glutenite reservoir after fracturing should be 1.5 mm small nozzle, and the pressure is gradually stabilized. The grade is replaced by a 2.5 mm nozzle. Most of the wells are finally stabilized in the 3.0 mm nozzle production. A small number of wells can be properly enlarged to a 3.5mm nozzle for stable production. Under the guidance of this understanding, the horizontal wells in the Mahu 1 well area have basically reached the design capacity, providing theoretical basis and guidance for the production practice after volume fracturing.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202016503007 fatcat:lnchke7r7nemffkxcmllza7umi