Multivariate Modelling of Water Quality Parameters in Nigeria

2020 International Journal of Research in Environmental Science  
Inadequate safe water remains a threat to human health in Ibadan Metropolis of Oyo State, Nigeria. The Asejire reservoir is considered a major source of water in Ibadan and water pollution is pronounced as a result of growing population and urbanization in the area it serves. In this study, We studied and analysed water quality parameters of treated and untreated water samples from Asejire Reservoir of Oyo state, Nigeria. We examined the conformance of the sample parameters to the W.H.O 2017
more » ... o the W.H.O 2017 standards for safe and acceptable drinking water parameters. Data were obtained from the Oyo State water corporation which contained values on water quality parameters such as turbidity , colour, pH, alkalinity, etc. Correlations between values of the pollutants were examined for collinearity before estimating linear discriminant functions (LD) that helped to classify water samples into any of "safe and acceptable", "safe but unacceptable", "unsafe yet acceptable" and "unsafe and unacceptable". The estimated discriminant function had a efficiency of up to 84.3% in correctly predicting the class of water sample based on "appearance", "colour", "turbidity", "taste and odour", "alkalinity", "hardness", "chloride", "iron", "manganese" and "total dissolved solids". Results also showed that of all the 41 water samples which were regarded as final and ready for distribution; 7.3% were potentially unsafe and unacceptable for consumption as they were either polluted with iron or dissolved solids from domestic, industrial, agricultural wastes, insecticides and pesticides.
doi:10.20431/2454-9444.0603005 fatcat:fqokscwsg5a2xbbz6fhikuq4gu