A Study on the Development Strategy for Marine Leisure Tourism: Using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Method

2020 Sport Mont Journal  
Although research on marine leisure tourism is steadily increasing, there has been a gap between the South Korean government's supply-centred policies and the demands of the public as potential consumers. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the marketing needs of marine leisure tourism consumers to suggest a plan for the development of it. For this purpose, a total of 412 visitors to the Busan International Boat Show were surveyed in order to understand better the marketing needs
more » ... the marketing needs of marine leisure tourism consumers, and the results were analysed for the magnitude of satisfaction centred around the 4Ps of marketing to suggest marketing elements that should be reflected first in the policy of the government as supplier. Quadrant I in the IPA Matrix included facility convenience, programme diversity, programme safety, and programme speciality. Quadrant II included equipment purchase/rental cost, ease of accessibility, and programme use prices. Quadrant III included food and beverage cost, convenience facility fees, and programme differentiation. Quadrant IV contained include mass media promotion, providing amenities and facilities, social media promotion, linkage with tourist attractions in neighbouring areas, and promotional events, materials, and brochures. These results may provide a foundation for comprehensive development plans for marine leisure tourism.
doi:10.26773/smj.200207 fatcat:3jhbt77xlzdy3gngfvdsr4zrl4