Performance of a Ferrofluid Based Rough Parallel Plate Slider Bearing: A Comparison of Three Magnetic Fluid Flow Models

Jimit R. Patel, G. M. Deheri
2016 Advances in Tribology  
Efforts have been made to present a comparison of all the three magnetic fluid flow models (Neuringer-Rosensweig model, Shliomis model, and Jenkins model) so far as the performance of a magnetic fluid based parallel plate rough slider bearing is concerned. The stochastic model of Christensen and Tonder is adopted for the evaluation of effect of transverse surface roughness. The stochastically averaged Reynolds-type equation is solved with suitable boundary conditions to obtain the pressure
more » ... n the pressure distribution resulting in the calculation of load carrying capacity. The graphical results establish that for a bearing's long life period the Shliomis model may be employed for higher loads. However, for lower to moderate loads, the Neuringer-Rosensweig model may be deployed.
doi:10.1155/2016/8197160 fatcat:kcxbqnkry5gsdmtniaez6ypafi