Factors affecting gas oils response towards low temperature additives

H Mmmohamed, Naga& Abouel, El Mf, Meneir
1995 IndianJournalofChemical Technology   unpublished
Gas oil samples with different physico-chemical characteristics have shown variable response towards low temperature additives. Statistical interpretation of results indicated that magnitude in pour point and cold filter plugging point (CFPP) depression is greatly affected by the gas oil distillation range variables final boiling point (FBP) and difference between temperature to recover 90 vol % from temperature to recover 20 vol %. Per cent weight of n:-paraffinswith carbon number range
more » ... number range C20-C32 is also found with great impact on that response magnitude. The statistical models derived have supported the high degree of correlation between these gas oil variables towards low temperature additives. Column Packet with In an attempt to increase the gas oils production by decreasing the per cent recovery at 350°C to be lower than 80% indicated that the incorporation of low temperature additives, e.g., pour point depressants and flow improvers were not always giving the expected good response. While some gas oils such as regular winter grades show high response towards these additives, whereas summer grades or even other winter grade~ are hardly affected.