Bir Sulak Alan Nasıl Yönetilmez? Kültürel Ekolojik Perspektif ile Marmara Gölü (Manisa) Örneği

Yılmaz ARI, Bekir DERİNÖZ
2011 Co  
Te purpose of this study is to demonstrate how a wetland shouldn't be managed using the Lake Marmara in western Turkey. The cultural ecology of the area was investigated and the human impact on the ecosystem was examined. In this regard land-use change over time, sustainability of these uses, and the impact of this usage on the ecological and economical functions of the lake were investigated. The study is based on a fieldwork that extended over a four-year period. The Lake Marmara ecosystem is
more » ... armara ecosystem is one of the least studied wetlands in Turkey and the previous studies have focused on certain aspects, lacking a holistic approach. This study aims at applying that holistic approach to study the traditional man-land relationship. The results showed that despite the importance of the area in terms of ecological and economical functions the area has not been managed with the wise-use principles developed by international conventions especially by the Ramsar Convention. In order to protect the wetland ecosystem better at Lake Marmara, a number of political, administrative, managerial, and legal measures should be introduced.
doi:10.1501/cogbil_0000000117 fatcat:zm4xrvw2mrd2jksb35i7cbjjxa