Human decidua-associated protein hDP200 appears to be a rheumatoid factor

R. Halperin, P. Kraicer, E. Hadas
1994 Reproduction  
The amino acid sequences of the amino-terminal of the two different polypeptide chains of the human decidua-associated protein hDP200, with apparent molecular masses of 55 and 25 kDa, were determined. The amino-terminal sequence of the 55 kDa chain revealed that it is an immunoglobulin heavy chain, of the VH\p=n-\III subgroup and the amino-terminal sequence of the 25 kDa chain showed that it is a human kappa V\p=n-\III light chain. The sequence data indicate that hDP200 is an immunoglobulin.
more » ... ability of the hDP200 molecules to form high molecular weight complexes with immunoglobulins of other classes suggest that hDP200 is a rheumatoid factor.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.1000425 pmid:8021859 fatcat:esz5rjcp7re2dhv7rvq5726s3i