Texture formation process of 6063-type aluminium alloy during hot extrusion

Masahiro Araki, Kenji Matsuda, Seungwon Lee, Taiki Tsuchiya, Susumu Ikeno, F. De Geuser, A. Deschamps, J.-C. Ehrström, P. Jarry, G. Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, L. Salvo, C. Sigli
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
This study investigated the texture formation process of A6063 alloy hot extruded material using electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) measurements. The cube component that becomes the main orientation during hot extrusion was formed near the bearing inflow in the extrusion chamber and grew with continuous recrystallization. The Goss component with the same ED // <100> relationship as the cube component was not formed in the chamber or the bearing but was formed by discontinuous
more » ... ion after passing through the bearing. The TD // <111> orientation component of the surface layer was formed in the bearing and then grew with discontinuous recrystallization. However, because the internal cube and Goss components expanded preferentially, the surface layer TD // <111> components were replaced by the cube and Goss components after passing through the bearing. The cubic texture formation of extruded aluminium alloys is noted to be analogous to the formation of rolling sheet materials, formed by recovery and recrystallization from a plane strain deformation structure. However, for the A6063 alloy extruded under conditions close to industrial production, the cube components were mainly formed by recovery and continuous recrystallization.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202032605005 fatcat:3ycj6jo46ra7vopldxfthyzy4u