An Alternative Semantics for Argumentative Systems

A.G. Stankevicius, G.R. Simari
2006 Inteligencia Artificial  
Defeasible argumentation is one of the approaches that addresses the challenges arising when we reason defeasibly, with several formalisms in the literature reaching a mature state. Considering that most of these theories eventually shifted their semantics towards dialectical characterizations, we believe that a sufficiently generic model of the process of reasoning in dialectical terms could also serve as an abstract model of what happens inside an argumentative system. To that end, we develop
more » ... hat end, we develop in this article a formal model of dialectical reasoning and explore its role as an alternative semantics for argumentation theories.
doi:10.4114/ia.v10i32.928 fatcat:zdiqxwsln5ejtow5qytcmcl6iy