The December 1984 exceptional storm: a reference event for watercourses management and flood control plans in the Saf-Saf wadi watershed, NE of Algeria

2019 jecet  
Flood hazard prevention plans and watercourse management require a lot of data; the most important is the flood event that will serve as a reference. In practice, this reference flood is often assumed to be the greatest ever known historical flood or the 100-year flood if the latter would be greater than the recorded historical one. The purpose of this paper is to provide some data that help in the elaboration of such plans. Indeed, analysis of severe storms and extreme discharge records in the
more » ... arge records in the Saf Saf wadi watershed and statistical data processing (frequency analysis) revealed that the December 28 th , 1984 to January 1 st , 1985 heavy storm is an exceptional event with respect to the intensity (324 mm in 5 days), the magnitude of the generated flood (peak discharge: 754 m 3 /s, flood volume: 75 hm 3 at the Zardézas dam) and the extent of property damages and human losses (11 dead). Historical data and frequency analysis results show that this deadly well documented event could be a good reference to elaborate flood control and watercourse management plans to reduce vulnerability to flooding in the Saf-Saf wadi basin.
doi:10.24214/jecet.a.8.4.36575 fatcat:lkcstbcxibhr7lhtkgje3r3veq