D. Trump's Policy in Latin America: Outcomes and Prospects
Политика Д. Трампа в Латинской Америке: итоги и перспективы

2020 Perspectives and prospects E-journal  
The Trump administration's policy south of the Rio Grande has revived the use of force in the spirit of infamous Monroe Doctrine and big stick diplomacy. As a result, an atmosphere of unpredictability has arisen between the United States and Latin America, and current trends in inter-American relations could be analyzed from the perspective of "controlled chaos" theory. In particular, D. Trump's aggressive political and diplomatic actions have significantly complicated the geopolitical
more » ... opolitical situation in the strategically important Caribbean region. American-Cuban relations, normalized by Barack Obama, sharply deteriorated, and the regime of trade and financial sanctions against Venezuela, against which a real political and propaganda war was launched, was tightened to the utmost extent. The U.S. interaction with the largest countries in the region - Mexico and Brazil - has become more complex and ambiguous.
doi:10.32726/2411-3417-2020-3-52-65 fatcat:qxe2gy2bpbgctildqfy5ldz4be