Design and Commissioning of the Bunch Arrival-Time Monitor for SwissFEL

Vladimir Arsov, Florian Buechi, Pavel Chevtsov, Miroslaw Dach, Markus Heiniger, Stephan Hunziker, Maik Kaiser, Reinhold Kramert, Albert Romann, Volker Schlott, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Liu, Zhengzheng (Ed.) (+2 others)
The Bunch Arrival-Time Monitor for SwissFEL (BAM) is based on the concept, which was successfully tested at the SwissFEL Test Facility [1]. During the gap between the SITF decommissioning and the start of SwissFEL, all key components underwent design improvement. In this paper, we report on these new developments, including the mechanical design of the BAM-Pickup and RF-front end, the electro-optical front end (BAM-Box), the data acquisition front end, the new expert- and user applications. We
more » ... r applications. We have developed concepts and tested hardware for Bunch-ID stamping of signals, relevant for the extraction of the arrival-time information. Presently two complete systems are installed and being commissioned at SwissFEL - one in the injector gun and one between the two bunch compressors. We report on the ongoing first commissioning results.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2017-tupcc15 fatcat:w4jjhyk25jb2dmqnwaxhklii2u