Giving students the run of sprinting models

André Heck, Ton Ellermeijer
2009 American Journal of Physics  
A biomechanical study of sprinting is an interesting and attractive practical investigation task for undergraduates and pre-university students who have already done a fair amount of mechanics and calculus. These students can work with authentic real data about sprinting and carry out practical investigations similar to the way sports scientists do research. Student research activities are viable when the students are familiar with tools to collect and work with data from sensors and video
more » ... sors and video recordings, and with modeling tools for comparison of simulation results with experimental results. This article presents a multi-purpose system, named coach, which is rather unique in the sense that it offers students and teachers a versatile integrated set of tools for learning, doing, and teaching mathematics and science in a computer-based inquiry approach. Automated tracking of reference points and correction of perspective distortion in video clips, state-of-the-art algorithms of data smoothing and numerical differentiation, and graphical system dynamics based modeling, are some of the built-in techniques that are very suitable for motion analysis. Their implementation in coach and their application in student activities involving mathematical models of running are discussed.
doi:10.1119/1.3187150 fatcat:eylqv5zbxbdbxdltafskj5v3ae