Climate Change Impact Assesment on Hydrological Regime of Yamuna River Basin using GIS

Durga Prasad Panday
2018 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Climatic variables such as maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation are some of the important parameters that effect hydrologic process. Impact of these variables on hydrology at basin scale is important for efficient management of water resources. Extensive studyhas been carried out at watershed and river basin scale to understand the changes due to climatic variability and its effect on hydrological responses. Future climate scenario is best demonstrated by Regional Climatic Models
more » ... limatic Models (RCM). RCM estimates future climate variables in a better way. The resolution of RCM HadCM3 is 0.25⁰X0.25⁰which can capture regional and local climate scenario and is therfore capable of simulating hydrological processes at watershed scale.To simulate the hydrology of the Yamuna river basin a hydrological model called Soil and Water Assessment Tool(SWAT)was used and analysis was carried out to studychanges on the hydrological regime of a basin due to climate change. The simulated average rainfall for 2005-2025 is in compliance with the average annual rainfall for 1970-2004 over the Yamuna basin with an overall increase of 3.8%. The estimated average surface runoff of 233.57 mm for the year 2005-2020 is found to increase by 6.1% than that of 1970-2004 when averaged over the entire basin.Water balance scenario for different time periods (1970-2004), (2005-2025) and (2026-2050) hasbeen generated for RCM HadCM3 dataset. Only the meteorological forcing was changed during simulation, vegetation and soil parameter were kept same to remove the effects of land use change. An increase in runoff was observed over the years. The evapotranspiration variation over the different scenario has been examined. In this way impact of climatic variability on hydrological regime wass analyzed in this study.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2018.1233 fatcat:zrpm7xjwwjhypb7cq72w6bb4o4