On Magnetohydrodynamic Unsteady Flows with Induced Field Over A Stretching Surface

M. Ferdows, M.Z.I Bangalee, Don Liu
2018 Technological Engineering  
The problem of unsteady, incompressible, laminar electrically conducting flow part a continuously stretching surface is investigated based on a time depended length scale. Similarity conditions for the stretching surface flow velocity and induced magnetic field functions are denied. The governing partial differential equations are first transformed to ordinary ones using similarity transformation. The governing system of equation includes the continuity equation, magnetic continuity equation,
more » ... tinuity equation, Maxwell's equation, momentum equation and magnetic equations. The resulting similarity equation is then obtained through the use of Maple software. Effects of the unsteadiness parameter A, magnetic force parameter β and the reciprocal of the magnetic prandtl number ë on the velocity and magnetic induction functions are displayed graphically.
doi:10.1515/teen-2018-0008 fatcat:ivvyqvwkvbdzncio54x36rehe4