Implementation of 8×8×8 LED Cube Based on IOT

Ashwini D. Ilpachi, Varsha P. Rajgire, Rahul S. Jumale, Shivam D. Vyas, V.M. Dhumal
2020 Zenodo  
In this modern technology, the field of electronics is fulfilled with new research and development has made this field a revolution. Now a day, every human is surrounded by electronics devices like laptops, mobile, television, games etc. As these devices are displaying 2-dimensional view so here we are shifted to show data into 3-dimensional format by using net structure of LEDs. Our project is consisting of building an 8×8×8 LED Cube that will be able to display various graphics and animation.
more » ... hics and animation. Since 8×8×8 LED Cube is built up with 8 LEDs layers with each layer contains 64 LEDs. All cathode legs of LEDs in a particular layer will be soldered together. Hence, it can be said that an 8×8×8 LED Cube is made of 8 "cathode" layers and 64 "anode" columns. This LED cube in 8×8×8 format is having 512 LEDs. Due to this we can able to display animation, characters and other objects. In this cube we can show messages with the help of mobile phone. The messages can be changed as per user need through the API which is in mobile phone. Our aim is to make implementation of 8×8×8 LED cube array base on IOT which creates a three Dimension of LEDs powered by the AVR ATMEGA328P microcontroller. This array of LEDs creates a cube shape that with embedded C++ programming can display full Red color visual images through the use of multiplexing, serial in parallel out shift registers. This infrequent system of showing with the display that allows to the appropriator to fulfill a variation of acts with the 3D LED cube namely interactive animation, presenting texts etc."
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3712876 fatcat:asro7oa5cbbrznxbprb344f74q