Adsorption of Rhodamine-B Dyefrom Waste Water by using Kamugu Nut Shell Carbon

Arumugam Basker
2019 International Journal of ChemTech Research  
An activated carbon produced from low cost agricultural waste is utilized for the removal of Rhodamine-B dyefrom waste water. Batch studiesare carried out for the adsorption of dye molecules onto Kamugu Nut Shell Carbon(KNSC). The structural and morphological studies of activated carbon are characterized by SEM with EDAX. The factors influencing the rate processes involved in the removal of dye for particle size, adsorbent dosage, initial dye concentration, contact timeandpH.To evaluate the
more » ... To evaluate the irreversibility of the adsorption process, three consecutive runs of desorption are conducted by contacting the dye loaded activated carbon with acid. The results of the present study substantiate that agricultural waste KNSC are promising a better adsorbent for the removal of the Rhodamine-B from waste water.
doi:10.20902/ijctr.2019.120313 fatcat:pggkgwpa3zcd3djkwbmonjnqoy