Thomas Belling, Antike Grabstörungen auf dem frühmittelalterlichen Gräberfeld Köln-Müngersdorf / Ancient Grave Manipulation at the Early Medieval Burial Site Köln-Müngersdorf

2017 Plural: History, Culture, Society  
Ancient grave manipulations have been recorded continuously on early medieval burial sites. The Franconian necropolis Köln-Müngersdorf is no exception to the phenomenon. Already in 1955 Fritz Fremersdorf mentioned the manipulations in his publication, yet without widespread interpretation. This resulted in the opportunity to round the researches in Köln-Müngersdorf for another interesting aspect. The grave manipulations have been analyzed in detail for several aspects: burial depth, furniture,
more » ... depth, furniture, gender distribution, et cetera. In result, they were visualized in schemata as well as maps and afterwards interpreted by them. The aim of the research was, to attain information about the moment of manipulation, motivations and origin of the manipulants and what have been token from the burial equipment. Furthermore, if it is possible to obtain those information from the archaeological feature. The presented essay is an extraction from the authors graduation work to attain the Bachelor of Arts.
doi:10.37710/plural.v5i2_6 fatcat:6lu6pykst5csrndectdjbivstq