Lipodistrofia em pacientes sob Terapia Anti-retroviral: subsídios para o cuidado de enfermagem a portadores do HIV-1 [thesis]

Roberta Seron Sanches
terapia anti-retroviral. Os achados deste estudo reforçam a relevância da temática, e ressaltam a necessidade de novos estudos com uma abordagem não somente dos parâmetros biológicos da síndrome da lipodistrofia, mas também do seu impacto psicossocial, fornecendo subsídios para a integralidade e qualidade da assistência de enfermagem prestada a esses pacientes. Palavras -chave: síndrome da lipodistrofia, HIV, enfermagem. ABSTRACT SANCHES, R.S. Lipodystrophy in patients under anti-retroviral
more » ... apy: support for nursing care to HIV-1 patients. 2008. 101 p. Master's Thesis -University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing, Ribeirão Preto, 2008. Collateral effects have being connected to anti-retroviral therapy in patients with HIV infection. Among them, we observe the lipodystrophy syndrome that is characterized by hyperlipidemia and lipodystrophy. The lipodystrophy is manifested by alterations in the body shape, with the progressive enlargement of abdominal and chest perimeter, the appearing of dorsocervical fat with expansion of the neck perimeter; and the lipoatrophy, with loss of fat tissue on the face, on the buttocks and in the superior and inferior members. This research, sectional and speech, done in 84 patients in an ambulatory specialized for HIV patients, approached through the auto-telling technique, the occurrence of lipodystrophy and its main repercussions related to its appearance. From these 84 patients, 40 (47,61%) show body alterations. For 65,00% of them, the alterations in their physical appearance constitute a "stigma", able to reveal the HIV-positive to the HIV infection, that leads serious consequences to their affective-emotional health. Besides the lipodystrophy, the metabolically alterations, that includes the dislipidemias are associated the high risk of coronaries diseases. The total of evaluated patients, 8 (9,52%) of them were hypertense, 1 (1,19%) showed acute infarct of myocardium and 1 (1,19%) had a stroke after had initiated an anti-retroviral therapy. The results found in this research reinforce the relevance of the thematic, and show up the need of new studies with an approach of the biological parameters of the lipodystrophy syndrome, but its psychosocial impact as well, giving support for its integrality and quality of the nursing assistance given to these patients.
doi:10.11606/d.22.2008.tde-25032008-165647 fatcat:euv5u6orpbe3ll6qcsckj6idpe