Study on the Law Regulations about Circular Regions

Boyu Zhu, Muwen He
2009 Journal of Sustainable Development  
The circular region takes the pollution prevention as the start, takes the material circular flow as the character, takes the sustainable developments of society, economy and environment as the final objective, utilize the resource and energy to the largest extents, and reduce the pollution discharge. The circular regions needs powerful legal guarantee and we should strengthen the law regulations for the circular economic province from following aspects, i.e. constituting the legislation
more » ... legislation program of the circular economic province, using foreign and domestic advanced experiences and constituting comprehensive legislation to develop the circular economy according with the practice of the province, perfecting the policies and law regulations system about sustainable utilization, establishing the policies and law regulations system about circular economy in the agricultural domain, strengthening the legal construction of green packaging, establishing the policies and law regulations system of the consumption mode about sustainable development, perfecting the policies and law regulations system about human resource reasonable utilization and raising money, and strengthening the law execution force and increasing the effect of law regulation. The law regulation layer of circular economy is the important part of the legal construction of circular economy, and it can be spread on following four layers including circular enterprise, ecological industrial park, circular city and circular region (Zhu, 2007, P.228). The regional development is different with the growth of enterprise, the development of part and the city, and it has its special rules. The regional circular economy is the higher-layer circular economy and it comes down to numerous administration regions and departments, and various regions and main bodies have complex benefits. The construction of the regional circular economy needs more powerful legal guarantees because of its characters of comprehension, integration, complexity and long-term.
doi:10.5539/jsd.v2n1p172 fatcat:a7bw52k45ncoxbjkqc3yvvj2vq