Effect of Spatial Elements in an Open Space on a Subject′s Psychological Perception

Mingyeh Hsieh, Wenyen Lee
2010 Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering  
This study clarified the corresponding relation between spatial elements and a subject's psychological perception. The evaluation of subjects concerning open space could be generally divided into three factors. They are "Activeness", "Amenity" and "Openness". Also, according to the questionnaire survey results of 70 persons, the most popular waiting spaces in terms of function were "A place to sit", "A place with shade" and "A place that is most visible to a friend". However, according to the
more » ... according to the results of subjective evaluation, "Bench" and "Emptiness" had the worst evaluations regarding "Activeness" and "Amenity", indicating that although they met the functional demands of sitting when waiting or being seen by friends, they lacked surrounding feeling, and thus could not satisfy the psychological sense of security. In view of "Tree", it met the functional demands of shading in a subtropical climate; meanwhile, the surrounding feeling and shadow formed by its crown created a visual concealment effect, meeting the sense of security and became the most preferable waiting space.
doi:10.3130/jaabe.9.111 fatcat:73zjft73bfgflp34lonrmcs7ui