Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange Denso Eco Park Infrastructure Beautification Project

Brandy Manka
2016 unpublished
This project was part of the Smart Communities Initiative (SCI), which is a service-learning program designed to connect faculty and community partners to enhance students' academic learning while benefitting the economy, society, or environment of project locations. This year, SCI partnered with the Southeast Tennessee Development District (SETDD) to create twenty-two projects for students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. These projects involved students in the following areas:
more » ... ltural, economics, architecture, economics, educational psychology and counseling, engineering, geography, graphic design, history, and law. This was the second year that the Smart Communities Initiative had taken place. The first year UT partnered with the City of Cleveland, Tennessee, and next year, SCI will be partnering with Lenoir City, Tennessee.