Intracanal dressing paste composed by calcium hydroxide, chlorhexidine and zinc oxide for the treatment of immature and mature traumatized teeth

Adriana de Jesus Soares, Thiago Farias Rocha Lima, Juliana Yuri Nagata, Brenda Paula Figueiredo de Almeida Gomes, Alexandre Augusto Zaia, Francisco José de Souza-Filho
2014 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences  
Aim: To evaluate clinical and radiographic aspects before and after endodontic treatment with an intracanal dressing paste composed of calcium hydroxide, chlorhexidine and zinc oxide in traumatized teeth followed-up for 1 year. Methods: Patients (n=105) treated at the Dental Trauma Service of Piracicaba School of Dentistry, Brazil were enrolled in the study. Two groups of teeth were formed: immature (G1) (n=28) and completely developed teeth (G2) (n=174). All teeth were endodontically treated
more » ... ontically treated and received an intracanal dressing with a paste composed by calcium hydroxide, 2% chlorhexidine gel and zinc oxide at a 2:1:2 rate. Clinical and radiographic aspects were evaluated initially, monthly and after 1-year. Results: Most of the immature teeth suffered extrusive luxation (39.3%), whereas intrusive luxation (40.8%) was more common in completely developed teeth. There was a significant reduction in pain on percussion and mobility (p=0.0001) for immature teeth. Mature teeth showed reduction of spontaneous pain, fistula, mobility and pain on percussion (p<0.0001). Radiographic examination showed decrease in all evaluated parameters for both groups, in addition to stabilization of root resorption. Conclusions: This new intracanal dressing paste for traumatized teeth showed promising results in both immature and completely developed teeth, and may prevent posttraumatic complications.
doi:10.1590/1677-3225v13n1a02 fatcat:lfkmvyv7wvheji6rx7zn4vto7e