A New Name-Based Sampling Method for Migrants

Rainer Schnell, Tobias Gramlich, Tobias Bachteler, Jörg Reiher, Mark Trappmann, Menno Smid, Inna Becher
The set of best methods for sampling migrant populations includes name-based sampling. So far this is done using either ad-hoc lists or onomastic dictionaries for the classification of names. This paper proposes a new name-based procedure, which uses a Bayes-classifier for the n-grams of the name. The new procedure is fault-tolerant of alternate spellings, and also allows the classification of names that are not found in dictionaries. It was tested using the names of about 1.600 foreigners in
more » ... 600 foreigners in the PASS panel. Finally, a CATI survey based on the new method in Hesse is described.
doi:10.12758/mda.2013.001 fatcat:utcuivsvtjhrpalj6l5a5zf5dy