Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Practices following Wildfire in a Degraded Big Sagebrush-Downy Brome Community

Raymond A. Evans, James A. Young
1978 Journal of range management  
Highlight: Alternative rehabilitation practices were evaluated on a big sagebrush/grassland community burned in a wildfire. One and two years after the fire, perennial grasses were seeded and sprouts of rabbitbrush and other sprouting species were sprayed with 2,4-D for control. Grazed and ungrazed conditions were compared. Results indicated the desirability of promptly rehabilitating burned rangeland communities by seeding crested or intermediate wheatgrass the first fall asker wildfire before
more » ... ker wildfire before downy brome had an opportunity to dominate the site. Reestablishment of brush was by sprouting and by natural seeding. Brush encroachment after fire was lessened by occupying the site with perennial grasses. The effects of spraying brush sprouts was transitory, especially with rabbitbrush. Rehabilitation after fire without grazing management was unsuccessful.
doi:10.2307/3897176 fatcat:o52meuk7ufanjmziqpul6gzqlm