Power Cycling and Reliability Testing of Epoxy-Based Graphene Thermal Interface Materials

Jacob S. Lewis, Timothy Perrier, Amirmahdi Mohammadzadeh, Fariborz Kargar, Alexander A. Balandin
2020 C — Journal of Carbon Research  
We report on the lifespan evolution of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity in curing epoxy-based thermal interface materials with graphene fillers. The performance and reliability of graphene composites have been investigated in up to 500 power cycling measurements. The tested composites were prepared with an epoxy resin base and randomly oriented fillers consisting of a mixture of few-layer and single-layer graphene. The power cycling treatment procedure was conducted with a
more » ... ed with a custom-built setup, while the thermal characteristics were determined using the "laser flash" method. The thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of these composites do not degrade but instead improve with power cycling. Among all tested filled samples with different graphene loading fractions, an enhancement in the thermal conductivity values of 15% to 25% has been observed. The obtained results suggest that epoxy-based thermal interface materials with graphene fillers undergo an interesting and little-studied intrinsic performance enhancement, which can have important implications for the development of next-generation thermal interface materials.
doi:10.3390/c6020026 fatcat:hgjxosavvncdjaupzlppg6kbmq