Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor Cytoplasmic and Transmembrane Domains Are Not Essential for Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Infection

Xianghong Wang, Jeffrey M. Bergelson
1999 Journal of Virology  
Coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor (CAR) from which the cytoplasmic domain had been deleted and glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored CAR lacking both transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains were both capable of facilitating adenovirus 5-mediated gene delivery and infection by coxsackievirus B3. These results indicate that the CAR extracellular domain is sufficient to permit virus attachment and entry and that the presence of a GPI anchor does not prevent infection.
doi:10.1128/jvi.73.3.2559-2562.1999 fatcat:mxhww4dksbhllhdq3lyg5wwrmi