Species Richness, Ecology, and Prediction of Orchids in Central Europe: Local-Scale Study

Matúš Hrivnák, Michal Slezák, Dobromil Galvánek, Jaroslav Vlčko, Eva Belanová, Veronika Rízová, Dušan Senko, Richard Hrivnák
2020 Diversity  
Orchids are one of the most species-rich families in the world, and many species are under threat in numerous countries. Biodiversity research focusing on the relationship between the richness of orchid species and ecological factors was performed across the Cerová vrchovina Mts (Western Carpathians) testing impact of 26 explanatory variables. We aimed to determine the main ecological predictors controlling species richness and to predict potential species richness patterns. Altogether, 19
more » ... Altogether, 19 orchid species were found in the studied area, with Cephalanthera damasonium and Epipactis microphylla being the most common. Four environmental predictors (minimal longitude, carbonate-containing sediments, maximal yearly solar irradiation, and agricultural land) had statistically significant effects on orchid richness following regression analysis. Predictive models for the nine most frequent species using MaxEnt software showed (i) that land cover and geological substrate had the highest contribution to the explained variance in the models and (ii) strong potential for occurrence of given orchids in several poorly mapped parts of the studied area.
doi:10.3390/d12040154 fatcat:omvbtdbyjveaxiyvwdgfy7ks3i