Nonlocal Andreev reflection with Rashba spin—orbital interaction in a triple-quantum-dot ring

Ju Peng, Hua-Ling Yu, Fen Zuo
2010 Chinese Physics B  
We theoretically studied the nonlocal Andreev reflection with Rashba spin-orbital interaction in a triple-quantumdot (QD) ring, which is introduced as Rashba spin-orbital interaction to act locally on one component quantum dot. It is found that the electronic current and spin current are sensitive to the systematic parameters. The interdot spin-flip term does not play a leading role in causing electronic and spin currents. Otherwise the spin precessing term leads to shift of the peaks of the
more » ... spin-up and spin-down electronic currents in different directions and results in the spin current. Moreover, the spin-orbital interaction suppresses the nonlocal Andreev reflection, so we cannot obtain the pure spin current.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/19/12/127402 fatcat:uzydzr7ntbc53fkm7jbxcl5fue