A Survey of Context-Aware Messaging-Addressing for Sustainable Internet of Things (IoT)

Alaa Omran Almagrabi, Yasser D. Al-Otaibi
2020 Sustainability  
Nowadays, communication engineering technology is merging with the Internet of Things (IoT), which consists of numerous connected devices (referred to as things) around the world. Many researchers have shown significant growth of sensor deployments for multiple smart engineering technologies, such as smart-healthcare, smart-industries, smart-cities, and smart-transportation, etc. In such intelligent engineering technologies, sensors continuously generate a bunch of messages in the network. To
more » ... hance the value of the data in the messages, we must know the actuality of the data embedded inside the messages. For this purpose, the contextual information of the data creates a vital challenge. Recently, context-aware computing has emerged to be fruitful in dealing with sensor information. In the ubiquitous computing domain, location is commonly considered one of the most essential sources of context. However, whenever users or applications are concerned with objects, and their site or spatial relationships, location models or spatial models are necessary to form a model of the environment. This paper investigates the area of context-aware messaging and addressing services in diverse IoT applications. The paper examines the notion of context and the use of context within the data exchanged by the sensors in an IoT application for messaging and addressing purposes. Based on the importance and need for context of the information, we identify three critical categories of new IoT applications for context-aware messaging and addressing services: emergency applications, applications for guiding and reminding, and social networking applications. For this purpose, a representative range of systems is reviewed according to the application type, the technology being used, their architecture, the context information, and the services they provide. This survey assists the work of defining an approach for context-aware messaging services domain by discovering the area of context-aware messaging.
doi:10.3390/su12104105 doaj:7347d49f62a74df2b726c2353a64c4bd fatcat:bfu5wgz5sfcsdhi2dewgjs5fzm