Network Security in the Cloud [chapter]

Raghu Yeluri, Enrique Castro-Leon
2014 Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security  
The cloud can't exist without a network. It is the network that glues cloud-based applications to its users. It is the network that connects applications to the Internet, making them widely available. It is also the network that provides redundant paths between cloud-based applications and users, which makes them business worthy and reliable. Finally, the network can provide a number of security functions that further enable end-to-end security in the cloud. Boot integrity of the network
more » ... ructure is a prerequisite to trust and enables security functions in the network. The concepts, architecture, and technology components we discussed in the previous chapters on platform trust, attestation, and asset tagging are all equally applicable to the network infrastructure. In this chapter, we look beyond the integrity of the server platforms, and cover concepts relating to network security functions and their essential role in enabling trusted clouds. We look at how companies like M2Mi are automating the many steps required to enable the network security functions via high-level programmatic APIs, and we show how this automation is having a direct impact on the security, scale, and automation of clouds. We will also briefly examine software-defined networks (SDN), an emerging technology bringing solutions that seem to address some of key requirements of cloud computing and that has implications for network security. As mentioned in previous chapters, cloud computing provides an on-demand virtual infrastructure enabling consumers of the cloud to easily manage their applications. One of the goals of cloud computing is to provide services that abstract the complexity of the cloud and make it simple to manage applications contained within the cloud. Application owners should be able to easily manage their applications without having to know the complexity or the details of the cloud and how is constructed. One of the most important components of the cloud is the network, so we begin with that. The Cloud Network The network can be thought of as the glue that holds cloud applications and users together. If the network is the glue, then one might ask how it works. What would a cloud-based network look like? Let's address these questions by examining what a basic network is and work our way to some complex examples found in modern cloud-based networks.
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