Within and Beyond: Pavel Kohout's Play Makbeth and its Audiences

Hana Worthen
In this article I consider the multiplex audience of Pavel Kohout's Play Makbeth, staged by the dissident Prague Apartment Theater of Vlasta Chramostova in the late 1970s, in part by placing this event on the inter­face between Czech postwar Shakespearean and post-revolution theatri­cal criticism. Oppressed by the normalization following 1968, this theater remedialized its productions in order to reach audiences within and be­yond the Iron Curtain, putting tension on our traditional
more » ... itional understanding of theater as a genre based on the concept of present spectators and their perception of the ephemeral moment of performance.
doi:10.26262/gramma.v15i0.6464 fatcat:65fdm4spjjevtiitkmxunz5p44