Black Holes and the Nature of the Expansion of the Universe

Paul Smeulders
2016 Journal of Modern Physics  
Black Holes absorb matter and because matter has structure in space and time, Black Holes absorb the grid points of space and time. It is this property that creates a void for the remaining visible space-time to expand into. This expansion is roughly proportional to the density of the black holes in space and this, because also time is expanding, leads to an apparent exponential expansion for the observer, who is unaware of this. Further the Quantum Mechanical effects: the Heisenberg
more » ... isenberg uncertainty principle and the Tunnelling of particles lead to a flow of matter from the present time into the past. The red-shift is thus not just a sign of an expanding universe but also (and perhaps all of it) that of matter hurling down into the black holes.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2016.79082 fatcat:z4375o3pkjbchbfvybz3ukrjlm