Ghost-Free Two-Body Scattering Amplitudes with Arbitrary External Masses

Y. Nakawaki
1975 Progress of theoretical physics  
Schwarz's method to construct off-mass-shell amplitudes is extended to two-body scattering amplitudes with arbitrary external masses in the Veneziano and Neveu-Schwarz models. It is shown that ghost-free amplitudes are obtainable by replacing linear t-channel trajectories by s-dependent ones in the Veneziano amplitudes and the Neveu-Schwarz ones respectively. It is also shown that transversely polarized integer spin particles can be introduced as one of initial or final two particles. In
more » ... lar an application of our method to virtual Compton scattering amplitudes reveals that the longitudinal parts vanish identically.
doi:10.1143/ptp.54.268 fatcat:jt4zw7ajbbcrpiwzd3yoj3wrha