The application of the thermos method with the reinforced concrete floors replacement in the conditions of reconstruction and total renovation of buildings in the wintertime

2019 Zenodo  
The authors of the article analyzed the technical condition of the Russian Federation buildings by studying statistical materials and scientific literature to find out that a significant number of operated buildings have wooden intermediate floors. This fact demands an urgent improvement in the technical and operational performance standards during the reconstruction and total renovation of buildings. The article presents the rationale for the use of the heat balance equation to calculate the
more » ... to calculate the optimal number of functioning elements of the heating system of an apartment building, which allows to determine the minimum allowable air temperature during the hardening of the concrete mixture in the context of simultaneous performance of works on repair of floor slabs and utilities during the reconstruction or overhaul of the building.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2578709 fatcat:uaidj2nsdrc2binjvqickgeufi