Research on Anchorage Performance of New CFRP Plate Anchorage Based on Displacement Control

Peiheng Long, Wenhao Shi, Suwei Hou, Chiyu Jiao, Haomai Xu
2019 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
The anchorage characteristics of CFRP plate anchors are controlled by anchorage deformation. The anchoring efficiency of anchors under tension and the force mechanism of CFRP plates are studied. The preliminary design of splint anchors is carried out by ANSYS general software. The deformation and stress of the CFRP plate under the displacement control of the different splint edges are analyzed, and the corresponding splint displacement is 0.55mm when the anchoring efficiency is 100%. At the
more » ... is 100%. At the same time, the finite element analysis results were compared by the anchor static test, and the stress loss and relative slip of the CFRP plate were analyzed. The research shows that: from the test results, when the total displacement of the splint reaches 0.55mm, the CFRP plate undergoes longitudinal splitting failure; when the total displacement of the splint reaches 0.50mm, the test anchoring performance is the best, the anchoring efficiency is 82%; the total displacement of the splint is 0.30~0.55. When mm is used, the slip amount of CFRP plate is 0.69~3.31mm. The better the anchoring performance is, the smaller the slip amount is. The loss of stress caused by CFRP plate retraction and anchorage deformation is recommended to be 7.5% of the total tensile stress.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/562/1/012054 fatcat:qivypwodf5ed7nzqrqefx2inj4