Spin-Coating Technique for Fabricating Nickel Zinc Nanoferrite (Ni0.3Zn0.7Fe2O4) Thin Films [chapter]

Yusnita Yusuf, Raba'ah Syahidah Azis, Muhammad Syazwan Mustaffa
2019 Coatings and Thin-Film Technologies  
Functional nanoferrite thin films are used in various fields of our life. There are many different methods used to fabricate thin films including sputter deposition, flash laser evaporation pulsed laser deposition (PLD), chemical vapor deposition (PVD) and spin-coating process. In each of these methods, it produces an amorphous phase of the deposited film. To produce a crystalline film, an additional high-temperature processing is required. The high-temperature process can lead to considerable
more » ... ad to considerable constraints in combining the desirable characteristics of a crystalline nanoferrite thin film with those of thermally unstable substrates and other device components. High-temperature thin-film processing is also a considerable cost to manufacturing. This chapter will report a simple procedure of the sol-gel precursor method for fabrication of NiZn nanoferrite (Ni 0.3 Zn 0.7 Fe 2 O 4 ) thin films and spin-coating method in coating a chemical solution. This method generally provides for both low-temperature deposition and crystallization of NiZn nanoferrite thin films.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.80461 fatcat:llvwkdhdbnbffftsopldl436om