Annotated Notes: Gang of Eight Ministers of Intergovernmental Affairs Meeting June 4, 1981 — Winnipeg

Howard Leeson
2017 Constitutional Forum / Forum constitutionnel  
On June 4, 1981, a meeting was held in Winnipeg by the ministers of intergovernmental affairs for the eight provinces that were opposing the federal government's plan on patriation. Their intentions were to review the various elements of the plan to stop patriation from taking place.Below are my notes of that meeting. They have been altered somewhat in order to make them more understandable. The original notes as I recorded them are in italics. Explanatory notes follow in standard type within
more » ... ndard type within brackets to provide background and/or to clarify the comments by the Ministers.
doi:10.21991/c9km3k fatcat:k4auwn34prdofhcrplkqmsyrsm