Authentic Education, the Deeper and Multidisciplinary Perspective of Education, from the Viewpoint of Analytical Psychology

Chandana Watagodakumbura
2014 World Journal of Education  
In this paper, the authentic education system defined with multidisciplinary perspectives (Watagodakumbura, 2013a (Watagodakumbura, , 2013b is viewed from an additional perspective of analytical psychology. Analytical psychology provides insights into human development and is becoming more and more popular among practicing psychologist in the recent past. In addition to human development frameworks already used in defining the mentioned authentic education system, the new viewpoint from
more » ... wpoint from analytical psychology gives further insights into the applicability of the concepts and features presented in describing the said system. The main concepts of analytical psychology such as conscious/unconscious, psychological types, the shadow, the self and archetypes are used in elaborating further on the concepts and features of the authentic education system with multidisciplinary perspectives. Consequently, much broader perspectives of the authentic education system discussed are highlighted in this paper.
doi:10.5430/wje.v4n3p19 fatcat:j6xmbsczdbcstew6bl3wtxq5oy